recuritment consultants in tamilnadu
recuritment consultants in tamilnadu
recuritment consultants in tamilnadu
recuritment consultants in tamilnadu

Our Vara team of experts are there to professionally cater to the admin services of our client in their business. We function robustly to deliver the best service in the industry like housekeeping, logistics, security solutions, ticketing, employee help desk, accommodation, food court management, health care club, international arrangement and much more. On being the best recruitment consultants in Tamilnadu, We make suitable arrangements for our clients in their administrative endeavors making their job easier and stress free.

  • Safety and Security
  • Travel Arrangement
  • House keeping
  • AMC Management
  • Guest House Management
  • Food Court Management
  • Health Club Management
  • Facility Engineering
  • Employee Help Desk
  • Ticketing
  • Accommodation
  • International Arrangement
  • Domestic Pick up and Drop
  • Mass Travel Arrangement
  • Logistics
  • Electrical Installation & Maintenance
  • Cargo Movement

We provide the best HR service in the industry to our clients by recruiting the right person for the right position. We do the recruitment process of both skilled and unskilled labour in the industrial organization of our clients. Our team will take care of the human resource management of the industrial organization of our clients. We ensure the organization by recruiting skilled persons in the respective field. We also provide creche service that will be helpful for the employees.

By bringing employees to our payroll, we offer hiring flexibility for you to adapt to market dynamics. You can cost effectively deploy contingent workforce, project or turnkey hiring, just in time, leveraging our network of temp professionals in the following domains:

  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing, Process and Infrastructure
  • Pharma and Life Sciences
  • Telecom, Media and Entertainment
  • Consumer Services and Retail
  • Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

With a temp staffing solution, you are not only transforming your fixed liabilities or overheads into variable expenditures, but also outsourcing administrative, operational and performance related aspects of attendance, payroll processing, training, employee insurance, employee benefits involving vacation, leave, gratuity, health, and other statutory responsibilities to us. Let us tailor make perfect contractual staffing solutions for you.

Vara Solution Support Pvt Ltd offers on-demand contract staffing solutions when you have to hire semi skilled and unskilled personnel (blue collar workers) for your projects in South India. With our vast database of potential candidates in over ten industry verticals, we enroll manual workers and fulfill vacancy within stipulated timeframe.

Employ our people at fixed contract periods at all phases of manufacturing and assembly, warehousing, packing and shipping, custodial and general labor operations; specialized clerical and administrative staffing needs, and an on-site works involving construction, road development, port development, power generation, and any other infrastructure development projects.

We also manage statutory regulations with regards to employee benefits. Control your headcount and ensure just in time recruitment for your critical business processes and projects. Contact us for all your low or high volume contract staffing needs.

An objective, and independent assessment of your people, the most important asset of your organization, can redefine your competitiveness. We identify the strengths and needs of your HR function broadly from the perspectives of:

  • Compliance of personnel policies and procedures with statutory provisions related to welfare, social security, safety, health and disputes resolution
  • Alignment of your HR strategy in terms of HR planning, staffing, training and development, performance appraisal and evaluation & compensation, with your business goals
  • Effectiveness of employee motivation, morale and job satisfaction to increase productivity levels of your staff

Our auditing techniques involve interviews with senior managers, focus group discussions, attitudinal surveys, and reviews of policies and procedures of entire HR process starting from recruitment and selection to termination process and exit interviews; on-site review of internal records, and employment data.

Make sure you are effectively utilizing your organizational resources, establish a baseline for future improvement with our recommendations and suggestions. Measure the health and quality of your people with us.

Communication skill can give a competitive advantage to an organization. We provide training in a multiple aspects of communication: from enhancing the presentation skills of your marketing staff to negotiation skills of your senior executives using event formats like training sessions and workshops involving role plays, group discussions.

Some of our fast selling communication training programs include:

  • Email and Social Media Communication Etiquette
  • Marketing, Employee, and Corporate Communication
  • Accent Reproduction, Fluency and Articulation for Customer Support Staff
  • Visual Communication for Marketers
  • Writing and Presentation Skills
  • Digital Communication
  • Workplace and Team Communication
  • Business English
  • Body Language and Nonverbal Communication
  • Communication skills come from good habits like listening. All our communication training programs come embedded with habit-altering insights into factors like establishing psychological connection with audience,

paraverbal means of tone, pitch and pacing of voices, suspending judgment, evaluation, and approval for better listening, body language like eye-contact, gestures, and postures, giving feedback using paraphrasing techniques, handling semantic issues, and inter-personal skills that help participants identify blocks and enhance their performance.

Close business deals in multi-cultural and global settings. Engage us

We provide end-to-end recruitment services that comprise: job analysis & design for the purpose of documenting the actual or intended requirements of jobs and for creating job descriptions and specifications; sourcing and matching candidates to job recruitments; induction and onboarding of new employees.

Using HR techniques and software, we conduct psychometric and personality tests to ensure that we acquire only qualified and high performing people and team for your organization. Partner with us to identify best prospects.

Training starts with analyzing the need. We identify your organization’s training needs before developing human resources training programs and training material. And our job ends not just with providing training, but also delivering and evaluating the effectiveness of training provided. We engage experts and professionals with certification in training and coaching, standardize training plans, lay down procedures and benchmark HR training initiatives.

With the focus on training for productivity, we help the deeply embedded life interests of your employees develop into career roles. So that everybody - you, the employer and your employees - gains.

We evolve training based on interpersonal and emotional aspects of a work situation, work culture, the level of deal intensive roles of participants, and experiences & expectations of employees. Engage us today and have your employees fired up for the next challen

Interpersonal skill is a base of every successful organization. They are key for your staff to excel in mentoring, decision making, delegation, motivation, group work, self confidence, network building, and effective communication.

Our training services focus on how to actively seek, identify and create effective contacts with others, and maintain contacts for mutual benefits, not only among team members across boxes and lines within the organizational hierarchy but also suppliers, customers, and vendors. We give special focus to increasing the effectiveness of virtual teaming in all our interpersonal facilitation services offered to knowledge industries.

Vara Solution Support Pvt Ltd also provides interpersonal skills audit measuring human interaction and rewards, different communication styles, assertive and meta-communication, relational creativity, affiliation with varied groups of your employees that help you match your employees’ skills and interests to their job responsibilities.

The outcome we aim is a broad, deep personal and professional network of your staff by enabling them to respond confidently and persuasively. We will be your trusted trainer in interpersonal skills that offer distinct advantage to your company. Energize your team and create space for them to grow with our powerful interpersonal training programs.

We engage expert psychologists to counsel your employees on work and personal issues, help them resolve conflicts and cope up with workplace stress and anxiety. We make sure that your employees handle job situations like developing into new roles, career changes, preparing for retirement in a harmonious way.

Vara Solution Support Pvt Ltd customer designed internal counseling programs provide tangible business benefits such as: reduction in sickness absence of your employees, reduced accidents, improved productivity, and increased employee satisfaction. On the softer side, the programs boost your employees confidence, self esteem, and have far greater sense of wellbeing. They will know how to resolve negative behaviors in diplomatic, yet effective ways.

Some of our standard counseling programs are:

  • Rehabilitation counseling to injured worker
  • Motivational counseling
  • Disability counseling
  • Career counseling
  • Writing and Presentation Skills
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Financial and legal counseling
  • Cognitive behavior therapy
  • Executive coaching and coaching supervision
  • Psychological & psychometric assessments.

By deploying suitable scientific counseling and workplace support programs we make significant and lasting improvement to the lives of your people and workplace of your organization. Schedule counseling sessions for your employees with us

We define employee development as a professional development process of employees and design enterprise wide learning and development strategy, structures, and processes for implementation; integrated learning and talent management processes; governance to support alignment, creating social learning environments, and collaborative work spaces.

We provide end to end employee development services that comprise annual training plan, individual development plan, annual performance appraisal and formal training for new and frontline supervisors to senior managers that aim at motivating every employee’s self leadership and professional organizational involvement.

Starting with the identification of workforce requirements, our employee development services involves soft support for win-win career development and ensure that they get comprehensive development opportunities at all organizational levels

Some of the key deliverables of our employee development services include:

  • Grooming people for advancement
  • Branding and expanding your company’s talent pool
  • Creating smart, self reliant teams
  • Keeping your staff motivated and competitive
  • Developing teamwork and sound work ethics to meet organizational targets
  • Reinforcement of positive behaviors and outcomes
  • Culture change characterized by empowerment, and employee development

Strengthen your talents strategy. Provide purposeful and planned professional development training for your employees across a spectrum of people management issues.

Best in class organizations are made by truly engaged workforce who knows the mission or purpose of the company, where everyone’s opinions count. We enhance the rate of engagement of your employees by help you create a friendly, legislate high performing culture, and provide opportunities for employees to learn, to get trained, and develop their career.

We incorporate all drivers of employee engagement such as equal opportunities, fair treatment practices, pay and benefits, health and safety, job satisfaction that comes from feeling of valued and involved, and bring real competitive advantage to your organization. Through our training and consulting services, we instill a sense of belief among employees in the organization, ignite their desire to work to make things better, to understand business contexts and the big picture, and be respectful of and helpful of colleagues.

Make your employees develop a positive attitude towards your organization and its values. Develop and nurture engagement. Make it a two-way relationship. Let us join hands.

Everyone deserves a break - especially employees who spend 40 hours or more a week at office, trapped within four walls in a fast moving, high pressure work environment. Employees have interests and passions outside of work. A change of scenery or a sporting event or a volunteering work, escaping the city or in casual settings, can not only foster their happiness but also boost staff relationships

At vara solution support pvt ltd, we consider employee outing as a team building event. We organize outing for one of your teams or for the whole organization. With expert facilitators, our outing events involve structured activities, and social events that build positive relationships, enhance productivity, and bonding among workers. It could be:

  • Golf outing
  • Social events and contests
  • Boat cruise
  • Beach games
  • Trekking
  • Outdoor games
  • Company dinner

Outing is a sweet perk. Let your staff play and stay together, socialize and share ideas, away from the day to day grind. We create the environment and activities so that they feel “we are friends and family who just happen to work together.” Let us know where do you want to take your employees out?

We teach your employees life-saving and rescue techniques through mock evacuation drills for fire, earthquake, bomb threat and prepare them to respond towards any unforeseen emergency.

Conducted by experts, the drills instill a sense of courage and confidence in your employees to face emergency situations.

We survey your office or factory to check the escape route planning, emergency exits, safe assembly point, checking fire alarm, and public addressing systems. We help you form a crisis response team with members trained in evacuation, fire fighting, first aid, salvage communication.

We make sure your entire organization knows simple rescue techniques, and basic do's and don'ts. Let us sensitize your employees and teach them how to coordinate their rescue efforts to protect themselves. Contact us now.

Transfer your recruitment activities and save executive time and effort for your core functions. Make use of our expertise in recruiting the right people for various responsibilities, whether it is unskilled or semi skilled laborer or hard-to-find technical specialists. We act as your extended organization or an internal team in profiling jobs, onboarding of new hire, and every process like training that come in between. In short, we assume ownership of the design and management of recruitment process and the responsibility of results.

We have a rich and growing database of people in over 10 verticals including:

  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing, Process and Infrastructure
  • Pharma and Life Sciences
  • Telecom, Media and Entertainment
  • Consumer Services and Retail
  • Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

Reduce overhead costs from your budget and improve competitive advantage of your company in the labor market by outsourcing your recruitment activities to us. Win in the dynamic HR market with our expertise. Engage us and meet your performance targets.

  • Recruitment
  • Creech
  • Establishment Process outsourcing
  • Pay Roll Process outsoursing

Vara Solution Support Pvt Ltd also provide reality services like building maintenance, packers & movers, infrastructure management, interior designs or renovation, and much more. We invest our capabilities in delivering outstanding business premises and innovative construction services. We deliver the best qualitative service to our clients in maintaining their building premises with our skilled labour. We do the services at a very cost-effective price.

  • Building Maintenance
  • Pluming installation & Maintenance
  • Infrastructure management
  • Interior renovation/up gradation
  • Mail system management
  • Packers & Movers
  • Electrical installation & maintenance
  • Parking Management

We are emerging as one of the leading and fast growing driver service providers all over India. Our specialization is in providing highly skilled and experienced drivers to car manufacturers and their R&D facilities for conducting various on road trails as well as their car exporting activities from different parts in and around Chennai. We are also providing drivers on monthly basis to our corporate clients. We take utmost care in ensuring that all our drivers are experienced, well mannered and disciplined. We are committed to follow the high standard of our service in order to uphold the work ethics of most valued clients. Our motto is determination, devotion and dedication